Sunday, November 8, 2009

San Fran Day Trip

So Ryan's family took me up to San Francisco for a Giants game and here are a few photos we took!!!

Here's one of Me and Whitney (Ry's sister)....we were super happy as you can see....

Me, Ryan, Whitney and her boyfriend Nate

Me and Ryan in front of this statue guy....

on the street in front of the stadium

at lunch before the game

at a young peoples retreat thingy in san diego..that's my friend Jay

me and Ryan

so what's new....hmm.....well i'm just working one job now (wooooohooooooo) at Macy*s and so far i'm loving it!!! other than that my life is pretty much the same, i keep busy with my young people's groups and other service commitments and try to sneak some fun in whenever i can!!

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