Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year in Review

I know you've probably heard by now, but it's almost 2012. It always weird when the new year comes, mostly because there are a bunch of loonies predicting the world will finally end, but partially because it means one year older, one more year to try new things, one more year of happiness...I start reflecting on the things that happened last year, and which events sculpted me into the person I am.

Jan: 2 years with Ryan, 2nd semester back at school, Broomball, my 24th birthday, first time shooting a gun
Feb: went to my sister's play, made a scrapbook, stopped scrapbooking
March: Jury duty (1st time), Ryan's 28th birthday, Conference in San Francisco, Ryan's mom's birthday
April: Heather's birthday, COACHELLA, Giant's game, Danny and Amanda's wedding, Reese's wedding
May: Kate's birthday, Mother's day, Tyler's birthday, GOT ENGAGED!, start of summer vacation
June: Dean's birthday,......ok it's summer, I probably just tanned all this time, Wedding Planning
July: Went camping, got my wisdom teeth out, bought wedding dress
August: Cake tasting, school starts, 3 years without my dad, saw Daniel Tosh, Tyler left on his mission
September: Conference in San Francisco, Qory passed away, got a new job
October: started attending a church, learned who my real friends are, Halloween
November: MARRIED the man of my dreams, played broomball, saw Twilight, Maclynn's birthday, ate my weight at Thanksgiving
December: celebrated our first year of marriage, Played house, Both our cars died, finals, Gill's birthday, Christmas, spent time with our families

This year has been amazing. I've seen the bands that I love, my favorite sports teams, survived school, been fired and hired, got engaged, got married, and fell in love with my husband all over again. I can't wait to see what surprises God has in store for us this next year.

Happy New Year

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