Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Girl Time!

Something happens when you get married, or rather something doesn't happen when you get married. Not all your friends get married with you. Shocking revelation, right? I. Know.

Lately, friendships have been a struggle for me, not only because as a full time employee and full time student, I simply don't have the time a lot of my friends do to socialize, but I find myself having different problems from the majority of my friends. It's kind of a scary thing when you realize you have no one to talk to, and no one to really relate too. As much as some of my friends try, it's not quite the same, and I feel like a burden always talking about my "married problems."

Then, all of the sudden, BOOM! I met an awesome married friend and voila! Someone to talk to about married problems. Someone that I don't have to explain myself to, that understands how I feel. It feels so wonderful to meet people who I can entirely relate to. I will always love my friends so dearly (especially you BOO!) but I'm grateful for new ones too!

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