Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday!

Once again, I have crammed my weekend so full of schtuff that I have no free time to myself... This time it's not so bad because I get to spend my weekend with my neices and nephews! My brother and his wife will be leaving for the weekend, so they asked Hubs and me to watch the kiddos for the weekend. The whole weekend. This means getting up early, entertaining them ALL day, and getting them all ready for church on Sunday. Scary.

But with Husband there with me we can get through it. Plus it will be super good for him to play house to see what we are getting ourselves into soon-ish. Mwahahaha.... No, just playing. I'll be nice. But since Monday is Memorial Day, I plan on Memorial-izing by doing absolutely nothing but recouping from the really tiring weekend I'm inevitably going to have.

See you on the other side! If I make it...

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