Friday, June 29, 2012


Welp, it's Friday again! Wooop! This week has been pretty sorrowful with the running. My shin splints are here to stay it looks like, and I'm not willing to rest completely for 3 months, so I've been running. I know, I know... But I stretch really good and ice my legs after running, even short distances, so it's unmanageable. Hopefully it will magically get better without resulting in stress fractures or any other complications commonly associated with shin splints....

Other than that stupid news, this week has been great. I'm getting ready for a Freedom Dance with my friends tomorrow night, but I have NO clue what to wear to a freedom event. Red, White and Blue obviously, but I have no idea how to pull that off without looking like a 4th grader in the typical Old Navy 4th of July shirt.

So, here are some options to consider...

Super adorable and flirty (minus hipster glasses)

Or very classic and put together

Or straight up grunge and comfort.

Not quite sure that I might go with yet, but either way it should be one amazing night! Go America!

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