Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Graduation!

Today, my gorgeous baby sister graduates from high school. Excuse me while I cry for the next couple of hours.

This beautiful girl is my baby sister, with whom I shared a room until I was 18 years old. She was my best friend growing up, even though I am eight years her senior, and she is in every one of my childhool memories, for better or worse. This girl makes me incredibly proud! Despite her older siser she is virtuous, honest, loving, caring, kind, giving, talented, and I could go on for days. I'm so happy for my baby sister, but this is bittersweet, for in August she will be leaving the state for college, and that breaks my heart. But I know she will love college, and absolutely thrive in Idaho.

In Hawaii... Back seat buddies..

On the way to pick up my brother from the airport. Yes we are driving. Super safe.

Getting ready for Heath's play.

Heather's junior prom.

I think back to the memories of childhood, and the fun we've had together; the times we laugh so hard we cry and almost pee our pants, the thrift store shopping, talking about boys and hair and makeup, sharing hopes for the future, and all of it makes my heart so full and happy.

Congrats, Heather! I am so proud of you!

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