Thursday, June 21, 2012

uh oh....

Who has two thumbs and shin splints? This Girl. Sucky.

But luckily, I'm now equiped with shoes you are actually supposed to train for a half marathon in. Who'd thunk?! The know-it-all dude at the store told me I should skip a training day and rest or I would continue injuring my leg, but I really want to run today. (Never in a million years would I think I would say that...)

Here are my super pretty new running shoes. Can't wait to get out there and see how having good shoes helps! And, I think I'm getting brave enough to post a before picture. I'm starting to see small results here and there, but I feel it big time, which is the amazing part. A week and a half ago I was not able to run a full mile without stopping to walk, and on Tuesday we ran 2.5 miles, and the only reason I stopped was because of the pain of shin splints. To see such a drastic change in such a short time really motivates me. Now if I could just lose my gut in such a short time it would be gravy. Guess I'll put a little more work in...

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