Monday, June 18, 2012

weekend update

Another weekend, come and gone. Saturday, Ryan and I ran, diligently keeping up with our training schedule. I've never stuck to something like this, and by that I mean physical activity, so it feels great. I'm beginning to actually like running. Then we prepared for my sister's graduation party. It was a really hot and surprisingly humid day for the valley, but it was a beautiful party, and I couldn't be prouder of her.

Then Sunday was Father's Day, which I dread, but thank God for Husband, who checks in on me and how I'm feeling, and doesn't expect too much of me on Father's Day. We had planned to go to the cemetary and visit my dad, and happen to pull up at the same time as Heather, my baby sister. We were the answer to each other's prayers, and it was perfect. Then Husband and I went to my in-laws for a nice dinner and to watch basketball (boo! hiss!). I hate basketball, but then again Father's Day isn't about me, obviously....

I can't wait until Father's Day is more about my Husband, and the father he will be than my father, and the fact that he is gone. Some day.....

I also can't wait to get home and run!! Sick, I know.

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