Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy July

Man, oh man, was this weekend awesome. Saturday, I woke up way too early (curse my body for thinking I needed to be up for work...) and decided to get a work out in. Because my shin splints are pretty bad, I've decided to take 3 weeks off running and workout other ways that wont put a strain on my legs. After my Saturday morning workout, Hubs and I laid out by the pool (something I haven't had time for in over a year) and it was heavenly. I totally got sunburned, and being as pale as I am it's not hard to do, but it was worth it!

Then Satuday night we did a Freedom Dance. It was a blast to get together with friends and meet some new ones. For 2 old married people, such as Hubs and I, we were out super late and paid the price on Sunday. Sunday we went to church for my brand new niece's baby blessing. Charlotte looked so adorable, and it was great to get together with the family for such a sweet blessing.

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