Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vacation!...well almost..

1.5 more days of work until I'm off for 5 days and out of this Fresno heat! I can't wait! First we are stopping by a campout with 500 of our closest friends on the Yuba river, then on to Tahoe where I will bask in the beautiful weather, hopefully get more of a tan, run, and eat healthy. I haven't had a vacation in what seems like forever (and in reality it's been like a year) and I seriously can't wait. Tonight, I have to do laundry and start the dreaded packing ritual during which I cry, throw clothes, hate my body and wardrobe, and make the largest mess in my room. It's truly a wonder that I get to my destination with any matching clothes....

Anywho, I'll take pictures and post them later. Tahoe or bust!

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