Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Shoes and a Good Bye {for now}

I love when I get berries for breakfast.

This is Hubs, dressed as Dumbledore for the Harry Potter play we did with the neices and nephews. And if you are wondering about the paper on his nose, that is not a mustache in the wrong spot. "They're Spectacles!"
Giants game this past weekend with Husband's family. There's my {pretend} boyfriend Buster Posey. {Look at that tushie}

New shoes from Target {of course}
I'm feeling really grateful for my life today, which is something I {sadly} don't feel very often, not for lack of things to be grateful for, but because of my selfishness, really. But I feel grateful. grateful for a loving husband who never loses patience with me, for a wonderful family who loves me regardless, and for all my blessings, that come whether I deserve them or not.
And finally, I'm grateful for this gorgeous creature.

She is leaving for college in 3 days and we got to spend last night together catching up. I'm super proud of her, and I can't wait to here about all her crazy college adventures! Look out, Idaho. Here she comes!
Good Luck, Heather!

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