Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What to wear?

If you were going to a Black Keys concert on Monday, what would you wear?

These guys are amazing. We saw them at Coachella 2 years ago and it... I mean... just amazing!
We are going to see them on Monday night, and I have no idea what to wear. What does a cool kid wear to a concert? {I have no idea because I am no longer a cool kid. I am an old married lady}
Some options...

{or my favorite}
with black skinney jeans instead of shorts, and black wedge booties.
Whatever I go with, I will totally post pictures, for sure.
I only have to get through 2 more work day before this awesome weekend. We are going camping with a huge group of friends this weekend. Now, normally, I am not a camper. I hate dirt, bugs, and not showering, which automatically disqualifies me from liking camping. But for some wacky reason, all I want to do is camp! Totally weird, out of body experience....
So camping this weekend, and then Black Keys on Monday?! Totally can't complain! Now if only the weekend could get here faster....
P.S. Husband and I are looking at DSLR cameras. Which do you use, and why do you like it? We are camera-retarded, but really want to get one. Let me know what I should get!
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  1. loving the options for the concert and I'm totally jealous you are going camping... i love it

    definitely excited to see what outfit you come up with

    xo Jessica

    1. I will post pics for sure! Of the outfit and camping {but don't be too jealous, it's still super hot here}

  2. I like the last option best, with your suggestion! Cute pick.

    Good luck on camera shopping... I have been wanting to do the same, but have been avoiding it because of the sheer enormity of information I DON'T know about cameras, lol!

    1. Yeah, finding out all this camera info gives me a headache. But I think we finally found one {you'll notice when my pictures get amazing all of the sudden haha}.