Thursday, October 4, 2012

Positive Thinking

I came aross this on Pinterest {here} and it changed something for me somehow. I am a worrier. I am a grudge-holder. I am complicated, and I like to complicate stuff just to make it complicated. I don't live in the present. I'm always thinking toward the future, which can be good, but I think and worry and stress over the future. I have a hard time enjoying the present, really savoring each moment and finding the joy in the little things. {I'm also negative- did you pick that up?}

But after finding this, I'm going to try to enjoy the small things, to savor the precious moments, to stop worrying about things I can't change. I want to give more of myself with no expectations. I want to smile and laugh more instead of worrying. I want to live the life God gave me to live. I want to love more. I want to print this out and tape it to every door and window in my house and car so I remember this always.
Have a Happy Thursday!

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  1. Aww, I just found and I really like this post!! Thanks for sharing and for being so honest. I have to admit I am guilty of some of these things myself. We can always be doing better.

  2. This is so true! As I have gotten older, I have learned not to worry about everything and take things one day at a time. I still worry, but it doesn't consume me anymore. The positive spin I try to put on crappy things is that someone always has it worse off than me. Glad these rules inspired you! Heather

  3. What an encouragement! Thanks for sharing and for being honest. It's hard to remember to live in the moment when there is so much going on around us. Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Such 8 simple rules. So encouraging. Thank you for sharing!
    xo TJ

  5. It is hard to be positive all the time...these are great rules!
    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola