Friday, September 13, 2013

Belts and Layers

 We've come to the end of another week, Thank the Lord! After a week of awful sciatic pain and car troubles and busy schedules and dumb co-workers, I'm thrilled that its Friday! I have never been more excited to kick my shoes off my swollen, pregnant feet, put some comfortable clothes on and relax with my love and my fur-baby while my real baby kicks my belly. It sounds like Heaven. 

But this is what I wore today. And besides it being hellishly hot outside and me wearing too many layers, this is the most comfortable outfit I've worn in a long time (that isn't pajamas...). Needless to say, I cannot wait for Fall to arrive in Central California so I can layer up!

White Tee and Necklace: Old Navy
Sweater and Belt: Target
Jeans: Loved Maternity @ Macy's (Best Pants Ever!)
Shoes: Target

Have yourselves a fabulous weekend everybody! 



  1. Hi! Visiting your blog for the first time today :) I must say, you are the cutest pregnant lady ever! I wish I had as much fashion sense as you when I was pregnant, but I seriously lived in a T-shirt and sweatpants for 9 months. haha :) Love your outfit! Have a great weekend!

    Sunny with a side of...

  2. omg! your blog posts have not been in my feeds for the longest time so out of the blue i clicked on your blog and saw that you have some updated posts! congrats on your pregnancy ... you look fabulous!