Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Um, hi. My name is Emily and I used to blog here.

Welp, it's about time to make a new post... It's been far too long and I miss blogging. So here's what's new.

I made a tiny human. She was born last December, and is the greatest thing, by far, to ever happen to me. She is 4.5 months now and is growing far too fast for my liking, but I love every minute of motherhood. It is everything I thought it would be, and nothing like I thought it would be. It's incredible how in love with her I am. Everything I do is for her now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. She brings so much joy to our life, and I love my little family of three.
I will post her birth story later (it's pretty long). But for now, check out these amazing photos of my two week old nugget. Isn't she beautiful?




  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! I wondered a few times what happened to your blog, but this is the most adorable, precious, beautiful reason EVER to not blog. Your little family of three is ADORABLE and so gorgeous. Congrats :)

    1. Thanks! I'm happy to be back and share my sweet little family. Her birth story will be up soon too!

  2. She is so, so beautiful! Congrats Mama!